Get log data from fingerprint device

in this section i will let you know how to get log data from fingerprint device. i used X100-c.

i got software development kit (SDK) from fingerprint device and want to develop own application. i developed my application using php. so this is the code for get log data for fingerprint device:

<head><title>Contoh Koneksi Mesin Absensi Mengunakan SOAP Web Service</title></head>
<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”2; URL=http://localhost/tes.php”>
<table cellspacing=”2″ cellpadding=”2″ border=”1″>
<tr align=”center”>
<td width=”200″><B>Tanggal & Jam</B></td>

function Parse_Data($data,$p1,$p2){
$data=” “.$data;
if($awal!=””) {
if($akhir!=””) {
$hasil=substr($data,$awal+strlen($p1),$akhir-      strlen($p1));

return $hasil;

if($IP==””) $IP=”IP ANDA”;
if($Key==””) $Key=”0″;

$Connect = fsockopen($IP, “80”, $errno, $errstr, 1);
echo “Koneksi sukses”;
<ArgComKey xsi:type=\”xsd:integer\”>”.$Key.”</ArgComKey>
<Arg><PIN xsi:type=\”xsd:integer\”>All</PIN></Arg>

fputs($Connect, “POST /iWsService HTTP/1.0”.$newLine);
fputs($Connect, “Content-Type: text/xml”.$newLine);
fputs($Connect, “Content-Length: “.strlen($soap_request).$newLine.$newLine);
fputs($Connect, $soap_request.$newLine);
while($Response=fgets($Connect, 1024)){



echo “<tr align=’center’>”;
echo “<td> $PIN </td>”;
echo “<td> $DateTime </td>”;
//if($Verified==1) $Verified=”sidik jari”;
echo “<td> $Verified </td>”;
echo “<td> $Status </td>”;

echo “</tr>”;


echo “</table>”;

Thats it. tell me if you have a question..

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